The Donnellys: Family Sessions

Hi internet!  It’s been WAY TOO LONG!!  I have several overdue posts that will hopefully be coming your way over the next few days and weeks. :)

This is a post of a sweet family here in Jacksonville that gave me the privilege of capturing some of the most special moments in their lives <3.  I was honored to capture their wedding first, and then continue to document their family as they grew to 3!  The first half of this post captures their newborn son home from the hospital.  And the 2nd half captures this family about 6.5 months later. :)  Crazy how life can fly by and how fast these little ones grow up!

Faith & Bob – Thanks SO much for allowing me to capture these sweet moments in your lives!  God has blessed you with such a handsome baby boy. :)  I’m excited to see him continue to grow and start to show his little personality!


ErinNicolePhotography,NewbornSessio,Jacksonville,FL_0103 ErinNicolePhotography,NewbornSessio,Jacksonville,FL_0104 ErinNicolePhotography,NewbornSessio,Jacksonville,FL_0105 ErinNicolePhotography,NewbornSessio,Jacksonville,FL_0106 ErinNicolePhotography,NewbornSessio,Jacksonville,FL_0107 ErinNicolePhotography,NewbornSessio,Jacksonville,FL_0108 ErinNicolePhotography,NewbornSessio,Jacksonville,FL_0109 ErinNicolePhotography,NewbornSessio,Jacksonville,FL_0110 ErinNicolePhotography,NewbornSessio,Jacksonville,FL_0111 ErinNicolePhotography,NewbornSessio,Jacksonville,FL_0112 ErinNicolePhotography,NewbornSessio,Jacksonville,FL_0113 ErinNicolePhotography,NewbornSessio,Jacksonville,FL_0114 ErinNicolePhotography,NewbornSessio,Jacksonville,FL_0115

And then he was 6.5 months. :)

ErinNicolePhotography,FamilySessio,Jacksonville,FL_0001 ErinNicolePhotography,FamilySessio,Jacksonville,FL_0002 ErinNicolePhotography,FamilySessio,Jacksonville,FL_0003 ErinNicolePhotography,FamilySessio,Jacksonville,FL_0004 ErinNicolePhotography,FamilySessio,Jacksonville,FL_0005 ErinNicolePhotography,FamilySessio,Jacksonville,FL_0006 ErinNicolePhotography,FamilySessio,Jacksonville,FL_0007 ErinNicolePhotography,FamilySessio,Jacksonville,FL_0008 ErinNicolePhotography,FamilySessio,Jacksonville,FL_0009 ErinNicolePhotography,FamilySessio,Jacksonville,FL_0010 ErinNicolePhotography,FamilySessio,Jacksonville,FL_0011 ErinNicolePhotography,FamilySessio,Jacksonville,FL_0012

It’s time to celebrate!

Erin Nicole PhotographySo it’s March.  And I’m turning 30.  The good news is Ryan turns 30 this week, so he can let me know how it is before I get there. ;)  No complaints here, but it feels weird!  To make things fun and to celebrate… I have a gift for YOU!  Here’s how:

– If you become a new wedding client during the month of March, I’ve got a gift for you!  (And it’s a good one!)

– If you are already a client and you send someone our way that becomes a new wedding client during the month of March, I’ve got a gift for you too!  (It’s good too!)

– Website: Email: Phone: 904.345.0595

So spread the word.  It’s time to celebrate!

– Erin